Secador Filamentos Impresora 3D

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Preserve the properties or your materials.
Our hybrid dryingtechnology dries your filament and preserves its properties, ensuring your material is in its best conditions to be printed.

Dryer over 10 times faster.
This system allows the filaments to be dried much faster than any other current solution on the market. In less than 2 hours, you can have the Dryer’s full storage capacity in perfect conditions and ready to use.

Dry up to 30 spools.
Unlike other drying solutions on the market, the Smart3D Material Dryer can dry and store large 2.2kg spools, or up to 30 1kg spools, depending on spool size.

Store your dry filaments.
The drying chamber also works to keep your filament dry. The controlled ambient chamber keeps the moisture out, so after drying your materials, you can keep them inside until use.

Achieve perfectly dry filament.
Our technology ensures that your previously humid filament will achieve its optimal dryness level.