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Data Archiving

Preserving digital data for the long-term is extremely important as the amount of content generated increases each year. Optical disc-based systems play a vital role in offline data archiving when cost effective solutions are required. Optical discs are also a great fit for long term storage or safety copies of data.

If there is confidential data in your archives that needs to be distributed on a disc, you can protect the disc contents with state-of-the-art password protection. Then, only the person you supply the password to can access the digital data files.

Regardless of what kind of data archiving you need, Rimage has a solution. We have systems that allow you to archive emails and office documents, store software source code, archive log files, and store captured video or medical images. Whether this information is archived to fulfill legal requirements or to protect business assets, the data will be safe and secure if it comes from Rimage CD, DVD, and Blu-rayTM Disc systems. Rimage Data Archiving solutions reduce archiving costs and simplify recall, while preserving critical data for decades.

Data Archiving: How it Works

  1. Digital assets or business content reside on
    a server.
  2. Content is offloaded to a Rimage
    disc publisher.
  3. DVD or Blu-ray Discs with unique labels are created for long-term archive. Data can span multiple discs if necessary.

Data Archiving Digital Archiving